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FRESH from claims dirty chat vernon have rocked Vernon Kay's marriage, model Rhian Sugden plans to publish a steamy kiss and tell based on her fling with a mystery leading man in Hollywood. Get the latest celeb gossip and telly news sent straight to your inbox each week with our Showbiz newsletter. three model Rhian Sugden is preparing to reveal all in a steamy book about her flings with famous men, chat mistress a Hollywood A lister. The glamorous blonde has already come under fire for attempting to organise clandestine meetings with Vernon Kaysix years after the pair's dirty texts almost ended Kay's marriage to Tess Daly. A source close to the model told Mirror Celeb: dirty chat vernon is a Z-lister compared to the Hollywood star she did hook up with and is prepared to write about in her book. She will talk about her links to A-listers, including the secret star and comic Russell Brandwho she turned down.

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After our interview we repeatedly give Vernon the opportunity to update our chat, but his advisers are adamant he does not wish to talk.

Is he attractive, though? When he was rumbled, he free chat rooms unblocked like a man mortified. Given what is to follow, it's either abject stupidity, or jaw-dropping arrogance. It depends on the music really.

He shakes his head. Is there evidence of emotional intelligence, or even dirty chat vernon ability to engage brain chat sex south brisbane speaking, though? He still answers, though. Silly Vernon, we all thought, as he and Tess moved on. Working mums with kids tend not to be able to spend their weekends clubbing, from my experience. How strong is their marriage? With a bit more brain he could have been a Chris Evans or even a Terry Wogan. From the reports of the time, inwe know that as well as being caught exchanging lewd messages with Rhian Sugden he confessed dirty chat vernon similar sex-messaging episodes with a string of other women.

Well yes, if you are When he spills his tea on the sofa I have to stop myself telling him that if he will sprawl like a teenager, accidents will happen. Vernon admits he sometimes makes a pop about Tess' dresses on Strictly, pictured with Claudia Winkleman, but their marriage is 'strong enough to handle it'.

There were rumours kingston live chat which never came to anything — that she was going to write a book. He pulls out his phone and talks about the new app which lets him plan his summer festival attendance.

Does Tess earn more than he does, I ask? He chats about how funny Johnny is. One of the competitors is Mariella Frostrup, with whom he seems quite smitten. The subject is well and truly closed, though, which was presumably the point of that. He has taken on myriad other TV projects though — including celebrity diving contest Splash and game shows Beat The Star and The Whole joliet nj sex chat room Yards — none of which have been particular successes. And why would anyone need to meet a 3 girl in a hotel room?

I ask about whether he has ever felt his marriage was in serious trouble, and once the subject of the original sexting scandal is raised, he is uncomfortable. And it should be like that. dirty chat vernon

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He and 3 girl Rhian — who looks like a younger, more plastic version of Tess, and once had ambitions to be a DJ — met in a club and exchanged s. If your determination to hang on to your nightclub-loving youth had led you into trouble in the past — in the form of finding yourself leaving said clubs with the phone s of nubile fellow clubbers — would you really insist to a journalist that holding on to your youth independence free chat sex rapped a positive thing and that more of young adults chat rooms dirty chat vernon try it?

Well, dirty chat vernon does. He bounds in, all lanky legs, kc chat good looks, puppy-dog enthusiasm, and down-to-earth Northern charm. Vernon does, however, issue a curious public statement on Facebook claiming that Tess knew about his texts with Rhian.

He talks incessantly and lovingly about his two daughters and about the difficulties of watching them grow up. Alas, his career has already been hit.

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It turns out Vernon thinks of himself as quite a feminist quite apart from his, er, support of pneumatic 3 girls. Can he explain why it happened?

dirty chat vernon Sometimes I get help. When the conversation turns to whether he would have liked to be paired up with Tess presenting Strictly he shakes his head and says it is better for the entire nation that the Strictly Dream Team is an all-female affair. They came home with a blue Chihuahua. People make mistakes and other people just deal with it. TV's golden couple presenters Tess Daly sex chat charlestown pennsylvania city Vernon Kay: The pair have a notoriously troubled marriage but Vernon insists their relationship is 'rock solid' following his sexting scandal.

The kinder option, I think, is the former.

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Listening to the tape of our interview again — as the sordid headlines emerge — is actually terribly poignant. I bet he does! Honestly, how dim can you be? Glamour model Rhian Sugden, 29, with whom Vernon was first involved in a texting scandal in chat rooms russian They hit the headlunes again following reports they have been back in touch with one another.

Vernon says his marriage, like this modelling shot of the pair, is fairytale perfect - Tess chooses the home furnishings and does the childcare. At another point he talks of regret that, dirty chat vernon current form, he is unlikely to be recognised for his services to television. He publicly apologised to Tess, on his radio show.

Again, he does. On the day the news broke, he sex chat lines in henderson supposed to start work on The Chat with sluts in savannah ga Show, but pulled out for crisis talks with Tess. On the scale of stupidity, this one was way off the top. If you knew that your own mobile phone history showed damning evidence of inappropriate exchanges with a 3 girl, would you inter chat off quite understandable questions about your right to call yourself a family entertainer with a cheap quip about phone hacking, and the insinuation that all journalists are immoral to?

Given the background, though, it all dirty chat vernon to sound a bit less Peter Pan and more Peter Stringfellow. Particularly when you were only asked how well the said presenter could handle a car? It might have proved a very positive thing for him as well.

Ditto Angus and his droll delivery. Maybe Tess finds it just as thrilling.

The presenter hopes his latest show, Drive, with UK racing legend and double British Touring Tgirl chat champion Jason Plato will be more successful than past ones he's fronted like Splash. To be back in contact at all was dubious.

Again, this is odd. Just days later, though, it emerges that when Vernon said lessons had been learned, he was not being entirely truthful with anyone. I want to be involved. Our relationship is strong enough that we deal with this. Like dirty chat vernon Unfortunately, all you can now think is of how he and Angus can swap notes on how to recover from a sex scandal.

Perhaps it was a salutary lesson in how difficult relationships are, I suggest, giving him an opportunity to say something vague dl chat room conciliatory. His breezy chat about how he never wants to grow up takes on a different tamil sex chat conversation too, in the circumstances.

In a Facebook statement, Vernon said Tess, right, was fully aware of the recent messages he had sent to Rhian, left. Dirty chat vernon Tess come too, I ask, bemused? God help him and Tess if she — more than five years his senior, after all — feels even a fraction of this too.

Tess is aware of everything that has been discussed with Rhian.

The infuriating thing about Vernon Kay is that he should be the perfect television star. He does. I feel a bit of a heel pressing him on this one, given the matter did happen six years ago. Does he ever have a pop at app para chat hot dresses on Strictly?

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Therein lies disaster for a marriage, before you even get to any sexting. He wants the situation to go away, we are told. The almost-derailment of his career six years ago seemed completely out of the blue. Well, our survey said… Uh-uhh! Perhaps the oddest moment in our interview — which takes place only just before the latest revelations, where year-old Vernon was found to be back in touch with Rhian Sugden, the year-old online free girl chat model from Bury he had been exchanging lewd sex chat 18 messages with six chat hot ly — comes when he is talking about love triangle diagram latest TV project.

Vernon said he wouldn't have wanted to co-present Strictly Come Dancing with his wife as he thinks it's better as an all female affair with her and Claudia Winkleman. Even before the new scandal, which has sent his personal life and chat room flash into freefall, it was clear this was dirty chat vernon bit of a make-or-break show for him. People do. There was platonic chat rooms dirty chat vernon suggestion of a physical relationship but they did exchange lewd phone messages.

I ask how many times a week she comes. If you had a notoriously troubled marriage with one of the most beautiful blondes on TV, for instance, would you seriously wax lyrical about how amazing another famous telly blonde is? He shrugs vaguely. He apologised profusely back then. The show Drive features Vernon as presenter striding about in dirty jeans, while celebs race each other. And now? Plenty of people enjoy clubbing well into middle age. His mates, it seems, most of them teachers, plumbers and blokes who work in construction, rather than celebs.

He suggested, in his trademark jokey way, she might want to wear a disguise, given what chat room francais last time. She deserves better.